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5 Travelling Tips for Pet Owners

All pet owners have to carry their pet while travelling. They consider their pet as family member. Many times most of us want to take our pet with us, while travelling. There may be some challenges if you want to take your pet along with you, and then there are some precautions that you should […]

Tips To Handle Diarrhea In Your Pets

Diarrhea is one of the common health issues your pets often face. It happens when your pets put almost anything in their mouth. Loose stools are the primary indicator of diarrhea while it can also be accompanied by vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, lethargy and other symptoms. The diarrhea is caused by […]

4 Proven Reasons To Get Your Pet Microchipped

Losing your pet is not less than a nightmare. To overcome this situation, pet microchipping is a technique you should opt for. It contains a unique identification number that is registered and acts as the best defense for a pet owner, in case, they lose their adorable little pooch. In the microchipping procedure, a chip […]

Human Foods That Can Be Poisonous To Your Pets

Almost every pet owner knows that any foods given to their dogs and cats in excess can deliver weight issues and other health problems. Unfortunately, some foods considered to be suitable for people can be poisonous to your animals. Here is a list of common foods that can deliver several diseases to your dogs and […]

Common Pet Diseases During the Summer

When the heat turns up, it not only affects humans but also increases the dangers of diseases to pets. To keep your dog, cat and other furry friends away from hazards of summer, you have to be prepared because prevention is better than cure. Here are described some common pet summer diseases. Add them in […]

All You Need To Know About Heartworm Disease In Pets

Mosquitoes can transmit parasites to pets which cause heartworm. The disease is transmitted by more than 30 species of mosquitoes bite. This disease results in permanent or life-threatening damage to the heart and other organs of your pets because the mature heartworms are often found in the pulmonary arteries or pets heart. Signs Of Heartworms […]

Top 5 Reasons To Consider Spaying & Neutering Your Pets

Spaying is a process of sterilizing female animals by eliminating their reproductive organs such as ovaries, uterus and fallopian. On the contrary, neutering is a process of sterilizing male animals by removing their testicles. Spaying and neutering of pets are often considered by the pet owners because there are several benefits of this surgery. It […]

6 Signs When Your Cat Needs Vet Consultation

Cats have one unbelievable quality that they can hide their symptom of getting sick. Thus, the pet owner mostly can’t recognize whether their cat is healthy or not. But, one is suggested to pay attention to the minor changes in the behavior of their cats so that they can prevent it from getting a major […]

Major 7 Signs Indicate that Your Dog Has Worms

Intestinal parasites seem to be a common health issue with dogs. There is no particular reason behind the worms problem in your dog. It could be due to infected stool, raw food, uncooked meat, dog activities in soil contaminated with worms. Sometimes, flea and mosquito can also be the cause of worms. Considering the whole […]

Five Signs To Know Your Dog Is Getting Sick

Is your dog getting problems when taking a breath? If yes, you should immediately consult with a veterinary doctor. It is really difficult to understand an animal especially when it is suffering from any health issues. If a human is getting any health problem, he/she can clearly tell to anyone, in fact, go for the […]