Major 7 Signs Indicate that Your Dog Has Worms

Animal ClinicIntestinal parasites seem to be a common health issue with dogs. There is no particular reason behind the worms problem in your dog. It could be due to infected stool, raw food, uncooked meat, dog activities in soil contaminated with worms. Sometimes, flea and mosquito can also be the cause of worms. Considering the whole situation, it is impossible to prevent your dog from worms. But, when you are getting the signs of having worms issue with your pet, you should instantly go for its treatment.

Signs For Worms In Your Dog

    • Coughing
      When your dog is infested by the heart-worms, then surely it begins coughing excessively. Coughing is an advanced stage indicating for the roundworms and hookworms infections.
    • Vomiting
      Dogs mostly get nausea and vomiting on getting almost all infestation. There will be parasites in your canines vomit if there is roundworms infestation.
    • Diarrhea
      When your dog has hookworms, it will be diarrhea and traces of blood in the stool. Diarrhea is a symptom of a worm as well as many other health issues with your dog.
    • Less Active
      As the intestinal parasites draw the nutrients in the digestive tract, your dog shows lethargic behavior. Thus, the low energy level is a necessary fact.
    • Potbelly Appearance
      Detect, if your dog’s abdomen is swollen and has the pot belly existence. It indicates that your dog has worms. In case, the symptoms are available in puppies then chances are they adopt the parasites from their mother.
    • Skin Irritation
      All of a sudden your dog get hair loss and rashes on the skin. The skin irritation is one of the major reasons for worm infestation.
    • Worms Visibility In The Fecal Matter
      In case, your dog has the tapeworm infestation, there could have small moving segments in the fur around the anal. While the roundworms are found in the animal’s stool.

When you are finding these symptoms in your dog, you should instantly contact your local veterinarians in Etobicoke. At Bloor-Kipling Animal Clinic, we serve pets health care services from medication to major surgeries.